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 Falcon Application For GM

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Falcon -

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PostSubject: Falcon Application For GM   Falcon Application For GM EmptySun Apr 10, 2011 4:17 pm

This is a list of what you should put in your application, Please use this Template.
In Game Name:

Key: Deidz

Name on NSS: Falcon

Ninja Rank in NSS:
Akatsuki member, Yamikage, Sannin, Water Sage, Org XIII Leader and now Hunter-Nin.

Reason why you should be GM:
I wanna be a GM why I am a Brazilian Player more savvy than many other, I like help players and I can call others.It would be really cool I can be part of the team and create events help players and much more.

Past GM Experance:

How Long have you played NSS:
About 2 years.

How Long have you played Byond:
2 years.

More Info (anything you think would help):
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Falcon Application For GM
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