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 Hj Gm application

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Hj Gm application Empty
PostSubject: Hj Gm application   Hj Gm application EmptySun Apr 24, 2011 10:07 pm

Key: Hj32853

In Game Name: Hj32853

Ninja Rank in NSS: Jounin

Reason why you should be GM: i'm online alot never broke a NSS rule been with NSS since the old NSS and always and will helping people never been hated in NSS Fun but also serious Respect players and higher ranks very patient

Past GM Experance: Naruto Next Generation(i was asked to be gm but denied to be gm) hell Productions, Naruto Attacks

How Long have you played NSS: i've played NSS since it came out

How Long have you played Byond: 2 years and still going

More Stuff To Know
Any gm spot open will be acceptable
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Hj Gm application
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