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 Lev's GM Application Form

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PostSubject: Lev's GM Application Form   Lev's GM Application Form EmptyWed Nov 24, 2010 8:56 pm

My IGN (In Game Name) : >--Lev--Key: Savaki 13
Ninja Ranks: (Previous) Amekage, Tsuchikage, SSM Leader, Akatsuki, Sound Org, (Current-Hunter-Nin)
Why i should to be of the Staff? :I am very helpful when in need, always upfront, honest and willing to do anything. I have had experience enforcing and i live in a different time zone so i am able to enforce when most people are asleep.
GM Experance :Ultimately, i have played the role of kage and sage on NSS. On other games i have been a head admin and a gm. People have never complained about my way of playing, and most gms like me and are my friend.
How Long have you played on the NSS : I have played NSS for roughly 4 years now, so therefore i know a lot about the players, villages, jutsu, rules and interface, which i believe is important.
How Long have you played BYOND : I have used the byond engine for approximately 5 years and i have played many games of which NSS is included. NSS is by far my favourite game^^.
(Note), i am strong and i respect other players, which is vital in being a moderator of any kind. I have made many freinds in my experience and i believe i am suited for the role of game moderator...
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Lev's GM Application Form
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