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 GM Application

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PostSubject: GM Application   Wed Nov 10, 2010 4:31 pm

My name on NSS : Carol, Yuko.
Key: Caramelized
Ninja Ranks: Kage of the Star Village, SO Co-Leader
Why i should to be of the Staff? : In nss i make some works, with administration and i helped too some orthers Staff Members.I think i can back to help and make cool things to the NSS.
GM Experance :In nss i maked some friends, and some of they were on the staff, they said i'm a good player and my job is good. I want to help again.
How Long have you played on the NSS : i played like 1 year and 3 months, some friends called to me play and i liked so much, TP was a good owner too, and now Devin is . Very Happy
How Long have you played BYOND : i dont know right, but i played many games, not just Naruto.
More info about me : i'm returned to game, and i'm checking the players, problems and bugs.
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GM Application
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