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 Kuragari Soul Slayer's GM Application

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Kuragari Soul Slayer's GM Application  Empty
PostSubject: Kuragari Soul Slayer's GM Application    Kuragari Soul Slayer's GM Application  EmptyTue Apr 26, 2011 12:05 pm

Key: Kiddiekatkat

Ninja Rank in NSS: Hunter-Nin, (5 Time Kage)

Reason why you should be GM: I would like to put the game in order enforce the rules and make sure players have a good experience in the game and pass on the word to other BYOND members

Past GM Experance: Freeze TagHideAway, Bleach Life And Death 2, Bleach: Breed Of Destruction, Mitadake High

How Long have you played NSS: Over 3 years

How Long have you played Byond: Over 5 years

More Info (anything you think would help):I just hope to give players the fun time in NSS, so that they will come back and hopefully with more members for the game.
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Kuragari Soul Slayer's GM Application
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