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 Host app - Raziel

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PostSubject: Host app - Raziel   Mon Dec 06, 2010 4:07 am

In Game Name: Raziel

Key: Android91aq / Gohan_dbz_91

Ninja Rank in NSS: jounin

Reason why you should be GM: i dont want to be

Past GM Experance: Bleach games hoster

How Long have you played NSS: by Gato547 - 1 year, by Lalapuff99 - 1 week

How Long have you played Byond: 4-5 years

More Info: You have seriously problems with host. My net is 25Mb/s. I can host 24/7 with 2 reboots per day. If you want you try me as temp host. I don't wanna be GM (only host verbs), I just like this game.

contact: in game or or AIM (first meet in game if you are interested in)
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Host app - Raziel
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