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 The Viper, Anthony's GM Apply

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The Viper, Anthony's GM Apply Empty
PostSubject: The Viper, Anthony's GM Apply   The Viper, Anthony's GM Apply EmptyWed Nov 17, 2010 9:42 pm

In Game Name:The Viper, Anthony


Ninja Rank in NSS:as of now ANBU(Hopefully KazeKage)

Reason why you should be GM:Because I want to help people instead of sitting around doing nothing like some people would do if they were to become GM.

Past GM Experance:I had tons of GM Experienced I forgot what games though but I was really helpful.

How Long have you played NSS:2-8 motnhs I lost count.

How Long have you played Byond:Since 2001.

More Info (anything you think would help):I will be on everyday to help each and everyone of the players and not abuse powers. I learned my past mistakes and that will only prove that the mistakes I have made in the past will never EVER come back. Because I am a good boy. Smile
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The Viper, Anthony's GM Apply
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