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 Art Work Forum Rules

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PostSubject: Art Work Forum Rules   Art Work Forum Rules EmptySun Nov 07, 2010 6:31 pm

This section needs a few rules and please be guided accordingly.

Section Rules:

1. No hentai or porn
2. Spoiler tags for mature/gory images, with warning text ahead
3. non-contributing posts are not allowed
4. off-topic posts are not allowed
5. Do not double post
6. In relation to the above, do not post multiple times in a row. The edit function exists for a reason. You may bump a thread, however if there is good reason for it, but only after 24 hours has passed.
7. No spamming
8. No trolling/flaming or flamebaiting
9. Post in English. Proper grammar, spelling and all. (leniency for this rule)
10. Duplicate threads are not allowed.

Graphics Rules:

1. Respect other people’s work
2. In relation to the above, ripping is not allowed. If it’s not yours give due credit.
3. Constructive criticism is strongly encouraged
4. If you are submitting a large work or Wallpaper that is wider than 800px then please use external links.
- Or at least use spoilers!! -

Information and links:

Image Formats

JPEG - Joint Photographic Experts Group
PNG - Portable Network Graphics
BMP - Bitmap
PSD - PhotoShop Document.
GIF - Graphics Interchange Format.
Animated GIF - As above, but containing more than one frame, and placed one after the other to create a rudimetry animation.
TIFF - Tagged Image File Format

Free Image Hosts

Miscellaneous Stuff:

1. For large images like Wallpaper, Photobucket is not a good choice as a hosting site. It’ll reduce the original image into a smaller resolution.
2. For Battle or Competition plans, contact a mod or an admin first.
3. Post/s that does/do not follow the above rules may be deleted without warning.
4. Forum rules are subject to changes, so please check every now and then. Title will be renamed for everyone to take notice.

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Art Work Forum Rules
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