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 GM App Ryuto Senju

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PostSubject: GM App Ryuto Senju   GM App Ryuto Senju EmptySat Nov 06, 2010 4:32 pm

In Game Name:Ryuto Senju


Ninja Rank in NSS:Ex-Kage

Reason why you should be GM: I am Responsible mature have friends on the game and would do my best to be a gm and help all those on the game i used to be well known for helping people on the game but i went AWOL for a little while but im back for good.

Past GM Experance:I led the leaf village many times in fact i was the First Hokage. Ive been Gm on a NBOTLS server before that game died

How Long have you played NSS:Since Devin Took over

How Long have you played Byond: two years

More Info (anything you think would help):I would just like to help any way i can but im afraid i cannot map or code or icon so id just like to become a Gm and do my part that way

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PostSubject: Re: GM App Ryuto Senju   GM App Ryuto Senju EmptySat Nov 06, 2010 4:33 pm

If you want my opinion i think Ryuto Would Be good as a Trail GM to see how he dose. If he dose good we could promote him to full time GM.

Thanks for the Application.


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GM App Ryuto Senju
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